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Cpl. Troy Javelin, in original concept. Note the Javelin missile launcher on his back

Troy Javelin
is an anti-armor specialist in the United States Army, and one of the supporting protagonists of Army Wars: Red Tide, and some other titles in the Army Wars series. He is also Jenny and Beth Garand's cousin, who usually keeps an eye on them. He usually carries an M16 assault rifle for close-range combat against enemy infantry, but he carries an AT-4 anti-tank rocket launcher, or the M72 LAW rocket launcher, for his favorite kind of combat, destroying enemy tanks. He would even love it when he makes Soviet tanks, like the T-72, go "boom"! But, he knows and understands that he'll always need a small-arms weapon, like an assault rifle, to defend himself from infantry.

Pre-World War III Life Edit

Not much of his early life is known at this time.

Alpha Company Edit

When the world is at the brink of war once again, Troy was called into Alpha Company, under the command of Captain John Parker. He will be one of those introducing himself to Sergeant James Parker, upon his arrival. If the Soviets do attempt to break through the Fulda Gap, will he be ready to bust their tanks and armored vehicles?

Trivia Edit

  • He resembles to the Total Drama character, Geoff, who likes to party, skateboard, and he loves his girlfriend, Bridgette.
  • He is named after the Javelin, a shoulder-mounted, anti-tank missile launcher, which was not in Cold War usage. The Javelin entered service with the U.S. in 1997.

Gallery Edit