A T-80, the Soviet main battle tank, on display

The T-80 is a main battle tank serving the Soviet Army of the Soviet Union. The T-80 is the Soviet Union's primary battle tank in the Army Wars series, and also one of the most powerful tanks in the series. It'll make its first appearance in Army Wars: Red Tide, where it'll take part of the Soviet attack on Western Europe, alongside the T-72 and other Soviet tanks and armored vehicles. It rivals the American M1 Abrams, the British Challenger I, and the West German Leopard II.

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The T-80 entered Soviet Army service in 1976. It was the first tank in the world to have a gas-turbine engine. The T-80 was designed and built to counter American and NATO tanks. It has taken the T-72 main battle tank's place as the backbone of the Soviet Union's ground forces. It is equipped with a 125mm 2A46-2 smoothbore gun, that can kill lightly-armored targets up to 2 miles away. The Soviets are unsure that the tank can take on the new generation of U.S. and NATO main battle tanks. The T-80's variants, such as the T-80U, are upgraded with more armor for better protection.

Army Wars: Red Tide Edit

The T-80 will appear in Army Wars: Red Tide, ready to spearhead the Soviet invasion into West Germany, though not much is currently known.

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