The T-72 is a Soviet main battle tank used by the Soviet Army, and it will be first featured in Army Wars: Red Tide. It is also used by most of the Soviet Union's allies in the Warsaw Pact, in Eastern Europe, including Poland. It's also the main battle tank being used by the Iraqi Army, especially its elite force, the Republican Guard. It was designed and constructed by the Soviets as a replacement for their T-54/55, T-62, and T-64 main battle tanks.

A T-72 on display

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The T-72 entered service with the Soviet Union in 1973, as a response to counter older American and NATO main battle tanks, such as the American M60 Patton, the British Chieftan FV4201, the French AMX-30, and the West German Leopard I. This new Soviet tank made itself a threat to U.S. and NATO forces, so they had to come up with their own new tanks, like the American M1 Abrams, the British Challenger 1, and the West German Leopard 2, as replacements to their older tanks. Although equipped with a 125mm 2A46M smoothbore gun, which can be lethal to pockets of infantry and lightly armored military vehicles about two miles away, its armor didn't give it enough protection from the firepower of the new American and NATO tanks, namely the M1 Abrams and the Challenger 1.

Army Wars: Red Tide Edit

In Army Wars: Red Tide, the T-72 will make its first appearance in the Army Wars series, spearheading the Soviet/Warsaw Pact advance into Western Europe, alongside the T-80 tank, when the Soviets get on the attack.

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