The Soviet Army is the main land-based branch of Soviet Armed Forces. It will serve as the main antagonist army in many Army Wars titles, including the first of the series, Army Wars: Red Tide. Prior to February 25th, 1946, this force was known as the Red Army, during the fight against Nazi Germany and its allies during World War II. The Red Army, currently known as the Soviet Army, was established to protect the population, territorial integrity and civil liberties in the territory of the Soviet state. It is rivaled with the United States Army.

World War III Edit

Equipment Edit

As a land-based branch in the Soviet Union's military forces, the Soviet Army has a lot of weapons, vehicles, and aircraft, due to ease of manufacturing. It operates thousands of tanks, infantry fighting vehicles, armored personal carriers, reconnaissance vehicles, self-propelled howitzers and rocket launchers, air defense vehicles, and helicopters.

Small Arms Edit

Anti-Armor and Anti-Air Weapons Edit

Transport and Supply Trucks Edit

Armored Transports (IFV/APC) Edit

  • BMP-1 infantry fighting vehicle
  • BMP-2 infantry fighting vehicle
  • BMD-1 infantry fighting vehicle
  • BMD-2 infantry fighting vehicle
  • BTR-60 armored personal carrier
  • BTR-70 armored personal carrier
  • BTR-80 armored personal carrier
  • BTR-D armored personal carrier

Tanks (MBT/Light Tank) Edit

Repair Vehicles Edit

  •  ???

Self-propelled artillery Edit

  • More to come

Self-propelled anti-air guns/missile launchers Edit

Helicopters Edit