Michael Cole is a nervous radio operator in the United States Army, and one of the supporting protagonists of the
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PFC Michael Cole, in current concept

Army Wars series, starting with Army Wars: Red Tide. He is also the love-interest of Corporal Bessie Hereford. He carries an M16 assault rifle with an M203 grenade launcher. He uses his radio to call in things Sgt. James Parker, or

anyone else, requests, like reinforcements, artillery strikes, and air support. He seems to be cowardly, but he'll find his courage to face the Soviet Union soon. He is under the command of Captain John Parker, C.O. of Alpha Company .   * Appearance: Cowardly looking, a little short, cmaouflaged shirt and pants, and a radio backpack

Pre-World War III Life Edit

Michael Cole was born in Lexington, Kentucky, the same state as his future girlfriend, Bessie Hereford, but is a year older, somewhere around summer of 1967. During his life as a kid, he loved to watch sports on television, and also likes to watch cartoons. During his life as a teenager, he studied about the history of the United States Army. He finds it interesting, but didn't seem to have the interest of going out in the frontline. He doesn't mind the action, but is worried he could get himself killed if he enlists in the Army. After graduating high school in 1985, he made his decision. He joined the Army, and passed basic training, becoming a radio operator. But, he's still worried about getting himself in harm's way, and sometimes, he thought to himself "I might regret enlisting in the Army".

Alpha Company Edit

The year is 1987, and the world fears of a Soviet attack on Western Europe , which could start World War III . He is assigned to a new U.S. Army unit, Alpha Company, under the command of Cpt. John Parker. He arrived shortly after James' arrival in West Germany , and is proud to introduce himself to his new friends/comrades. He is especially glad to meet his new girlfriend, Bessie, who grew to love him back quickly. Will he and Bessie work together to hold off the Soviet Union and the Warsaw Pact's advance into Western Europe? Will he find the courage to fight Soviet soldiers, swallow his fear of harm's way, and save as many soldiers' lives as he can? We'll find out soon, won't we?

Trivia Edit

  • He resembles to a nerdy young man named Cody, from the Canadian-made T.V. show, Total Drama.
  • He will also have the nervous and cowardly personality of Private Hoover, a Green Army minesweeper from the Army Men video game series.

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