M8 buford

The M8 Buford light tank

The M8 Buford light tank under development of the United States Armed Forces as an Airborne Gun System (AGS) program. It is also air-droppable, like its predecessor, the M551 Sheridan. It's one of the U.S. military's two options to replace the aging Sheridan tank, the other being the Stingray. The first prototype of the M8 Buford was built in 1985. It's still being developed for the U.S. Army and Marines.

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The M8 Buford was first designed and built in the 1980's. The first prototypes rolled out of the factory in 1985. Then, they began to serve the Army and Marines. It was designed as a replacement for the Vietnam War-veteran light tank, the M551 Sheridan, which proved itself lightly-armored and vulnerable to anti-tank weapons and land mines. Another light tank was being worked in progress to replace the M551 as well, the Stingray, which also has a 105mm main gun. They both were designed and built to be air-droppable from cargo planes, like the C-130 Hercules, and to counter the PT-76 light tank, serving the Soviet Red Army.

Army Wars: Red Tide Edit

In Army Wars: Red Tide, the M8 Buford will serve as Alpha Company's primary light tank in use.

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