An M1A1 Abrams, in real-life

The M1 Abrams is the main battle tank of the United States Army and United States Marine Corps, serving as one of the most powerful tanks in the Army Wars series, starting with Army Wars: Red Tide. The tank was designed and built to replace the aging M60 Patton main battle tank, which was America's primary battle tank since 1961. Many tank commanders in the Cold War-era United States military experienced that transition.

About Edit

The M1A1 variant of the Abrams series is an upgrade from the original M1 Abrams and M1IP variants. Both of these older variants are armed with a 105mm M68A1 rifled gun, the same sized main gun found on the Abrams' predecessor, the M60 Patton. The new M1A1, introduced in 1985, is upgraded with a more powerful 120mm M256 smoothbore gun, the same gun used on the West German Leopard II. It is designed to counter the new generation of Soviet main battle tanks, such as the T-72 and the T-80.

Army Wars: Red Tide Edit

Not much of the M1A1 Abrams' role in the story is known, but it will appear.

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