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Sgt. Jenny Garand, in her original concept

Jenny Garand
is a female soldier in the United States Army, and one of the main protagonists of Army Wars: Red Tide. She carries an M16 assault rifle, like James Parker and most other U.S. Army soldiers. She is the James' girlfriend, and adjutant. The squad she's in is under the command of James' father, Captain John Parker.
  • Appearance: Separated camouflaged shirt and long camouflaged pants

Pre-War Life Edit

Jenny was born in a town in Wisconsin, and raised in a dairy farm in the countryside nearby. She had a really nice family during her life as a child, even her cows were family to her. During her teenage life, she began to think about joining the U.S. Army, not just to protect he r country from the threat of Soviet invasion, but to meet someone she can help. She then joined the Army at age 18, and passed basic training almost well.

Alpha Company Edit

In 1987, when the Cold War was threatening to erupt into World War III, she was assigned to Alpha Company , in West Germany. There, she met Delta Company's newest sergeant, James Parker, and she fell in love with him very quick. With the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics preparing for war (but not planning to use its nuclear missiles and weapons), she, James, and Delta Company are getting ready to be on the defensive. Can they hold off the Red Army? Or will the Soviets succeed in pushing through into Western Europe?

Trivia Edit

  • Jenny Garand resembles to Bridgette, the surfer girl and contestant from Total Drama, the Canadian-made, international-airing cartoon television series.
  • Her favorite vehicle is the M60 Patton main battle tank. She knows the newer M1A1 Abrams has a gas-turbine engine, a more powerful main gun, and faster speed, but she knows that the M60 can go a little further in miles than the M1A1 Abrams, and in her opinion, it can still have a powerful main weapon.