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Sergeant James Parker, on an M1A1 Abrams main battle tank, in his original concept

James Parker
is a United States Army soldier and the main protagonist of Army Wars: Red Tide. He carries an M16 assault rifle. He is the love-interest of sergeant Jenny Garand, who has been having a crush on him since they first met. He is also the older brother of a female sniper named Stacy. He and his squad were under the command of Captain John Parker, his father and a Vietnam War veteran.

Pre-World War III Edit

He was born in New York City, New York, sometime in the 1960's. He loved the city, and dreamed about becoming a U.S. Army soldier to defend his country from Soviet attack. His father was in the Vietnam War and lived. He learned so much about the history of the United States Armed Forces when he was in his school years. His father got shot in the leg by a North Vietnamese Army soldier before the American forces withdrew from Vietnam. James and his mother were worried about him, but he made it, and became captain when returning to the Army. At the age of 20, James thought it's time for him to enter the Army and see if he could join his father. After passing basic training along with his sister, Stacy, he felt like a lucky young man. But, that mood soon changed when Stacy got to go to Western Europe first. They were both disappointed that they could'nt go at the same time.

Joining Alpha Company Edit

The year was 1987. When he was called into Western Europe, with the threat of World War III closing in, he was called into his new unit, called Alpha Company , under the command of his own father. During his arrival, John gave his son a warm welcome with a handshake and a hug, then he leaves him alone to introduce himself to his other soldiers, including the female soldier, Sergeant Jenny Garand, who seems to develop a crush on him, and he developed the same feelings for her. He had the feeling that the Soviet Union will attack West Germany very soon. Can he and his fellow soldiers in Alpha Company be ready for the Russian invasion?

Trivia Edit

  • James Parker makes a resemblance to Trent, a contestant from the Canadian-made cartoon television show, Total Drama.