CJ (Clayton James) Anderson is a light machine gunner in the United States Army and one of the supporting protagonists of Army Wars: Red Tide, and other Army Wars titles. He is tall with a green headband that says "Eat Bullets!". He carries an M249 SAW light machine gun, and is not afraid to use it, but he's harmless around civilians and animals, and is always careful around them. His father died in the Vietnam War when he was a kid, so he decided to join the Army and follow his footsteps. He is a member of Alpha Company, under the command of Captain John Parker.

Pre-World War III Life Edit

Clayton James Anderson was born in Cincinnati, Ohio, on June 14th, 1964. About a year later, his father enlisted for the U.S. Army in the Vietnam War. Before America's withdrawal from Vietnam in the early 1970's, his father was killed in action by North Vietnamese troops. But, before he died, he told a soldier, a friend of his from Ohio, to help look after his son. So, his friend did. Even though CJ was depressed of his father's death, he had good times with his friend. In 1983, he decided to join the Army, and before leaving, his mother told him to be careful and stay alive. CJ promised that he will, and he did good at those. He passed basic training, and was on his way to becoming a well-trained U.S. Army light machine gunner.

Alpha Company Edit

In 1987, he was enlisted to Delta Company, in West Germany, where World War III, the conflict that nobody on either side of the world wanted to come, was coming to a beginning. He was a new arrival for Alpha Company's light machine gunners. On April 23rd, the captain's son, Sgt. James Parker, arrived as a new sergeant. CJ was one of those delighted to meet him, and he was becoming fast friends with Sgt. Jenny Garand, who began to develop a crush on James. Will CJ prove himself as a well-trained light machine gunner? Will he survive World War III? Or will he suffer the same fate as his father?

Trivia Edit

  • CJ is a resemblance of DJ, a gentle contestant from Total Drama, the Canadian-made worldwide cartoon T.V. series.
    DJ front

    DJ, from Total Drama, is CJ Anderson's resemblance

  • It appears that he has a hatred for the Soviet Union, and its communist allies. Not just because some communists in Vietnam killed his father, but he hates the way communism treats people.