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Pvt. Beth Garand, in Original concept.

Beth Garand
is a female soldier in the United States Army, an artillery observer, and one of the supporting protagonists in Army Wars: Red Tide. She is Jenny's older sister, but has a little bit of a younger voice. She carries an M16 assault rifle for infantry combat, but she loves to call in artillery support when needed, using a radio. She hates it when the artillery strikes miss their targets and trying again, believing that it's a waste of ammo for the big guns. She and everyone else in her unit, Alpha Company , are under the command of Captain John Parker.

Trivia Edit

  • She will resemble to Courtney, the consular-in-training and contestant from the Total Drama series, the Canadian-made international cartoon television show.
  • She also has the same hair and eye color of Lindsay, another contestant and character from Total Drama.