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Cpl. Bessie Hereford, in current concept

Bessie Hereford
is a submachine gunner in the United States Army, and one of the supporting protagonists in Army Wars: Red Tide, and some other Army Wars titles. Instead of assault rifles like the M16, light machine guns like the M60 or M240, or even hand-held rocket launchers like the AT-4, she carries a Thompson Mk. II submachine gun, an updated, more modern version of the Thompson submachine gun that saw service from the 1920's to World War II. She has her own boyfriend, the nervous radio operator, PFC Michael Cole. She and Michael are in Alpha Company , under the command of Captain John Parker.

Pre-World War III Life Edit

Bessie was born outside of Louisville, Kentucky in 1968. She spent the rest of her life before joining the Army in a horse farm south of the city. She loved horses, she even enjoyed watching them race. When entering the Army in 1986, basic training wasn't very easy for her, but she learned how to get through it and passed. She was stationed at Fort Knox at the time. She chose a new favorite gun as her primary weapon, the new Thompson Mk. II.

Alpha Company Edit

In 1987, one year after passing basic training, the world has been threatened that World War III is near. She has been assigned to a new unit, Alpha Company, in West Germany. She arrived a few days before Sgt. James Parker showed up. It is currently unknown how she will fight the Soviet Union in the early days of World War III.

Trivia Edit

  • Bessie is being resembled to Lindsay, a Total Drama character, whose hair is dyed blonde and eyes are blue.

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