Russian BMP-2 IFV today

The BMP-2 is a Soviet-designed, tracked, amphibious Infantry Fighting Vehicle in service with the Red Army. Following on from the BMP-1, the world's first infantry fighting vehicle (IFV), it was introduced and entered service in the 1980's. It serves as the Soviet Union's primary armored infantry transport, is one of the Soviet's most powerful IFV's, and one of the most powerful IFV's in the Cold War-era. It will appear in Army Wars: Red Tide, the 1st story of the Army Wars series, where it will transport dozens of Soviet troops into battle, invading Western Europe.

About Edit

The BMP-2 was designed as an improved version of the older BMP-1, which began to prove itself obsolete, despite being a revolutionary design for armored fighting vehicles. It first entered in 1980, and started to fight in the Soviet war in Afghanistan. It's also being highly exported to countries around the world, mostly allies of the Soviet Union, like North Korea, Vietnam, East Germany, and Iraq.

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Army Wars: Red Tide Edit

This Soviet infantry fighting vehicle will first appear in Army Wars: Red Tide, where it'll deliver Soviet soldiers to the battlefield of the invaded West Germany. It'll be protected by tanks, like the T-80 and T-72, and helicopters, like the Mi-24 Hind.

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