Army Wars: Red Tide is the first story of the Army Wars fan-fiction series. It will be published into soon, and then there will be a series of YouTube videos based on Army Wars. It will take place in Western Europe, in the year, 1987, where World War III was getting much closer to its start. It's up to Sgt. James Parker, newest member of Delta Company, and his new friends/team members, to hold the line against the Soviet and Warsaw Pact invaders.

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The story will first take place in the U.S. Section of West Germany , on April 23rd, 1987, the day Sgt. James Parker joins the U.S. Army 's new Delta Company. There, he'll not just be reunited with his father, Cap. John Parker, and his younger sister, Pvt. Stacy Parker, but he'll get to meet his new friends/teamates, including his new best friend/love-interest, Sgt. Jenny Garand. Meanwhile, in Soviet-controlled East Germany , the Russian-brainwashed commander, General Vladimir Blastro , who was a former U.S. Army captain until being captured, was helping the Soviets and their Warsaw Pact allies plan the invasion of Western Europe . Can Delta Company hold the line when the Soviets are on the attack?

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