Army Wars is a series of Fan-Fiction stories and future YouTube videos. Army Wars takes place in the alternate-1980's Cold War-era, where the Soviet Union decides to declare war on the United States of America and its NATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organization) allies, along with their allies around the world, without the usage of nuclear weapons. The first of these stories, Army Wars: Red Tide, will take place in West Germany, where Sgt. James Parker and his fellow soldiers in Delta Company are told to defend the U.S. Section in the divided country.

List of stories Edit

  • Army Wars: Red Tide

Trivia Edit

  • This series resembles to many video game series, such as Call of Duty, Battlefield, Army Men, World in Conflict, and Wargame.
  • Most of the characters in the series will resemble to those from cartoon television shows, films, and video games. Some of them will even resemble those from Total Drama, the worldwide-airing cartoon T.V. series, made in Canada.