"The First To Go In, The Last To Get Out!"-Alpha Company's motto

Alpha Company (also known as A Company) is a fictional new company in the United States Army. Founded in 1986, a year before the main events of Army Wars: Red Tide, Alpha Company fields most of the U.S. Army's finest men and women. It's currently tasked with holding the U.S. Section of West Germany, while the Soviet Union is secretly planning for war. It's current commanding offiicer is Captain John Parker, the father of Sgt. James Parker and Pvt. Stacy Parker.

Founding/West Germany Edit

Alpha Company was found in 1986, somewhere in the United States of America, to field most of the Army's bravest and most highly-trained soldiers. It's mission and purpose, to defend America and her freedom whenever the Soviets are on the attack. It's first mission is to deploy to West Germany for protection against the threat of Soviet invasion. In 1987, when the Soviets are planning to get ready to start World War III, Delta Company got a bunch of new members. One of them is Sergeant James Parker, who was honored to meet new friends. Another is Private First Class Michael Cole, the seemingly-cowardly radio operator, who is worried about putting his own life at risk, but knows what he has to do to keep America safe. Will the Deltas hold off the Soviet/Warsaw Pact advance into Western Europe?

Notable Members Edit



Anti-Armor and Anti-Air WeaponsEdit

Transport and Supply TrucksEdit

Armored Troop Transports (IFV/APC)Edit

Tanks (Main Battle Tanks/Light Tanks)Edit

Repair VehiclesEdit

Self-Propelled artillery (Howitzers/Rocket Launchers)Edit

  • M270 MLRS (Multiple Launch Rocket System)
  • M109 self-propelled howitzer
  • M109A6 Paladin self-propelled howitzer (future)

Self-Propelled Anti-Air Guns/Missile LaunchersEdit


Trivia Edit

  • Alpha Company resembles to Bravo Company in the Green Army, led by Sergeant Hawk, in the video game series, Army Men.
  • It also resembles to other fictional factions, such as G.I. Joe, America's international special-mission, anti-terrorist force, from the G.I. Joe franchise, and the 222nd Army Battalion, a fictional U.S. Army battalion in the video games, Battlefield: Bad Company and Battlefield: Bad Company 2.